We are Helga & Hannes, a sports freak and a health nerd.

It is our passion, pleasure & business to keep you informed about everything that happens in the breathing world.

We love nothing more than helping you to find more rest in yourself, to have good sleep quality at night, to perform better and to keep concentration and focus high, all day.

Even if you struggle with a chronically blocked nose, recurring colds, severe hay fever and other allergies or even if you snore, we can help you out and make sure these struggles will soon belong to your past.

Hannes breathes sports, his favorites are running and cycling. He even took part in the Ironman in Hawai in 2014. He used to be a sports teacher/instructor for over 16 years and changed his career path to inspire and help other people to retrain for optimal breathing in combination with efficient moving.

Trained in different coaching domains such as sports, stress and work-life balance optimization, he is also trained as an instructor in the Oxygen Advantage, a breathing technique to improve sport performances.

Helga is totally passionate about breathing. With a profound intake and checkup in one’s breathing patterns, posture and movement she loves helping people to implement a healthier life style.

She is a certified Buteyko-trainer in 2010 and practices what she preaches ever since.

Extra education in Stress and Burnout Coaching and Oxygen Advantage, together with the different skills of colleague Hannes, made them decide to start a new business in the online and the offline world.

Breathing Masters, is an online platform where you can (re)train your breathing to healthier standards.

With Wolfpack they combine awareness, knowledge and exercises to counter stress at work, to make working teams stronger to increase overall productivity. Located in Belgium, they focus on SME and organisations but are totally open to cross the borders of Belgium and Europe to help employees to find the perfect balance between work & life for different people in different locations with different goals.

More info about us is available on Linkedin

Hannes : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannes-geyskens-320162...

Helga : https://www.linkedin.com/in/helga-willems-6723722/